13 Killer Halloween Campaigns


Halloween is the start of the season for launching killer holiday campaigns. If you haven’t started planning yours, or if you are looking to upgrade your holiday revenue, click on our handpicked list of killer halloween campaigns we love for inspiration.

#1: The Horseless Headsman – Snickers
#2: Netflix and Chills – Netflix
#3: Haunted Hotels – Booking.com
#4: Birthdays Should Be Happy – Burger King 
#5: “Tasty Human” – Temptations 
#6: #BringOnTheCandy – Crest
#7: Tomato Blood – Heinz
#8: Booritos – Chipotle
#9: The Shining Parody – IKEA
#10: So Real It’s Scary – LG 
#11: Terrifying Tales – Lego/Star Wars/ Disney+ 
#12: Spider (Halloween Edition) – M&Ms
#13: “Monster Mash” – General Mills

#1: The Horseless Headsman


We love this campaign because it’s the first of a series of “you’re not you when you’re hungry” videos in October 2012. To make things even spookier, the commercial was filmed by Craig Gillespie, the director of Fright Night. Snickers have been a long-time staple of the trick-or-treat season, and the tricks in this ad campaign were a total treat for viewers.

#2: Netflix and Chills


Netflix did an awesome job on the popular euphemism “Netflix and chill”. This marketing campaign, launched by Netflix in advance of the 2018 Halloween season, highlighted some of the great offerings available on Netflix, and was played across social media and TV placements. The “Now screaming” at the end of the video is another subtle touch.

#3: Haunted Hotels


Booking.com found a perfect way to promote their business while aligning with the Halloween season by marrying a creative concept with a landing page for people to check out your haunted hotel options. This concept worked by captivating attention as an actual movie trailer instead of an ad and invited you to explore a truly unique experience.

#4: Birthdays Should Be Happy

–Burger King

In this stalker-ish campaign, Burger King never calls out its competitor by name or its golden arches. What it does do is troll McDonalds with a series of clown ads that each feature a picture of a terrified child being held by a colorful clown at their respective birthday parties. Let’s be honest, we’d cry if I were being held by a clown like this too.

#5: Tasty Human


Temptations is a cat treat brand sinking their claws into the age-old idea that if our feline friends were bigger, like their lion and tiger relatives, they might just actually want to eat their owners. They used Halloween to promote limited-edition scary snacks with the warning: treat your pet with Tasty Human treats, before they treat themselves to you.

#6: #BringOnTheCandy


Most of us have that experience where toothpaste or dental floss was given out by someone during trick-or-treating. Those houses were collectively labeled the “no-fun zone.” Crest wanted to make sure that, despite the fact they sell toothpaste, they still like to have fun. You should definitely brush your teeth – but it’s okay to still eat candy, and Crest has you covered.

Crest Halloween Commerci

#7: Tomato Blood


Heinz promoted its signature condiment as the “must have” fake blood for Halloween festivities through new merchandise and seasonal gear. The campaign did so well, Heinz is running a 2022 campaign recruiting a vegetarian vampire for return of Tomato Blood ketchup.

Heinz Halloween Commercial

#8: Booritos


Chipotle has been running this campaign since 2000, celebrating the spooky season by offering discounted entrees ($4 burritos, bowls, or tacos) for those who showed up in a costume. A 20+ year campaign has to be good. 

Chipotle Halloween Campaign

#9: The Shining Parody


IKEA’s parody of one of the most popular horror films of all time, “The Shining,” was used to promote late night shopping (because who hasn’t?). The classic tricycle scene from the Jack Nicholson movie was a little less sinister in this commercial, which shows a boy enjoying the wonders of a maze-like IKEA store. Don’t worry, IKEA doesn’t actually want you, they just want your money, so the boy in this ad still gets the happy ending that can only come with paying for modern, affordably-priced furniture. 

#10: So Real It's Scary


LG turned the traditionally dull product-demo video into a punny Halloween prank. After claiming that images on the LG IPS TV screen are lifelike, technicians installed a grid of screens on the bottom of an elevator — terrifying unsuspecting riders as the floor appeared to fall out beneath their feet.

#11: Terrifying Tales

–Lego/Star Wars/ Disney+

Disney+ celebrated the Halloween-themed special with a series of clever posters that honor horror classics of the past. The collection kicked off with a tribute to The Shining, swapping out the Grady twins from the Overlook Hotel for a pair of porgs; it continued with an homage to Alien, featuring the dreaded Death Star in place of the iconic egg; tipped a winter-parka hood to John Carpenter’s masterpiece, The Thing; honored 1980s vampire classic The Lost Boys; and concluded with a trick-or-treating Darth Vader in a salute to The Exorcist.

#12: Spider M&M's


We love the simplicity of this campaign and the way it shows a spider lunging for a bag of delicious M&Ms. Sometimes, words aren’t necessary. This ad image has no copy on it whatsoever, but you still get the point — your Halloween is better when you have M&Ms, and there is no mistaking what this ad is for.

M&Ms Halloween Campaign

#13: Monster Mash

–General Mills

General Mills’ favorite monsters have reunited for a remake of the classic Halloween hit, the Monster Mash. The super group of Choc, Frank, Boo, Frute and Yummy have reunited for the first time in decades. Nostalgia is a powerful purchase motivator.


General Mills Halloween Campaign

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