In the vast digital marketing landscape, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the many advertising choices available. Two terms that often come up in discussions are “dark posts” and “boost posts.” One is not ruled by a Sith Lord and the other will not make you run any faster. While they may sound similar, they serve distinct purposes and offer unique advantages for marketers. In this article, we’ll delve into the difference between dark and boost posts, provide examples for clarity, and discuss which approach might be better suited for your marketing goals.



1. What is a Dark Post?
2. What Are Boost Posts?
3. Dark Posts or Boost Posts? Which is Better?
4. Conclusion


1. What is a Dark Post?

Let’s begin with dark posts. Also known as unpublished posts, dark posts are essentially targeted advertisements that don’t appear on your brand’s timeline or feed. Instead, they are created solely for advertising purposes and are shown to specific audience segments based on demographics, interests, behaviors, and other targeting criteria. Dark posts allow marketers to tailor their messaging to different audience segments without cluttering their organic content.

Dark Post Example: Imagine you’re a fashion retailer promoting a summer sale. You create multiple variations of an ad — one targeting young adults interested in beachwear, another targeting parents looking for children’s clothing, and a third targeting fashion enthusiasts interested in designer brands. These ads are dark posts because they don’t appear on your Facebook or Instagram page but are delivered directly to the respective target audiences’ feeds.


2. What Are Boost Posts?

On the other hand, boost posts refer to the practice of amplifying existing organic content by paying to increase its reach and visibility. Unlike dark posts, boosted posts are regular posts that appear on your brand’s timeline or feed but are promoted to a broader audience through paid advertising. Boosting posts is a convenient way to increase engagement, reach, and brand awareness without creating separate ad campaigns.

Boost Post Example: Suppose you own a restaurant and post a mouthwatering photo of your signature dish on Facebook. To reach a broader audience and attract more customers, you decide to boost the post. By investing a small amount of money, your post gets pushed to the feeds of users who may not already follow your page but fit your target demographic — food enthusiasts in your local area.


3. Dark Posts or Boost Posts? Which is Better?

Now that we’ve distinguished between dark and boost posts, the question arises: which approach is better for your digital marketing strategy? The answer depends on your specific goals and objectives.

Dark posts are ideal for targeted advertising campaigns where precision and customization are paramount. They allow you to tailor your message to different audience segments without cluttering your organic feed. Dark posts are particularly effective for A/B testing different ad creatives, messaging, and targeting criteria to optimize performance and maximize ROI. To learn more about Dark Posts and how to create them on different social media platforms, read our latest article, 2024: Mastering Dark Posting on Social Media.

Boosted posts, on the other hand, are best suited for increasing the reach and engagement of your existing organic content. They are convenient for promoting time-sensitive announcements, events, promotions, or simply amplifying high-performing posts to a broader audience. Boosted posts are an excellent way to boost brand visibility and attract new followers or customers without the need for elaborate ad creation.



Both dark and boost posts have their place in a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. Ultimately, deciding between dark and boost posts depends on your marketing objectives, target audience, and budget. By understanding the differences between these two approaches, marketers can effectively leverage each to achieve their desired outcomes in the ever-evolving digital advertising landscape.

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