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Difference Between Dark Posts & Boost Posts


In summary, “dark posts” and “boost posts” are two types of social media posts that are used by marketers and advertisers to reach specific audiences and achieve specific goals. Dark posts are non-public posts that are not visible on a brand’s profile, while boost posts are regular posts that are paid to reach a wider audience. Understanding the differences between these two types of posts is crucial when developing a social media strategy.


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1. What is a Dark Post?

You might be thinking, “Hey, I’m seeing my posts in a Facebook search. Isn’t that something I have to pay for?” Well, no, it isn’t. Dark posts are social media posts that are not publicly visible on the user’s profile or timeline. They are only visible to a selected group of people, such as a specific set of users or a targeted audience. This makes them ideal for testing different messages or targeting strategies without making the post visible to all of a user’s followers. For example, an advertiser could test different ad copy or imagery with different audiences to see which resonates best before rolling it out to a wider audience.


2. What is a Boost Post? 

Boost posts are a great way to promote your content. You can use them for promoting anything from your products, website, Facebook page or group, or even another social media post. The boost function allows you to target an audience and pay for the post so that only that specific group sees it in their feed. Boosting a post also allows you to choose specific types of people who will see the ad (i.e., those with certain interests). Boost posts on Facebook are a good way to maximize reach, engagement, and website traffic because they allow you to target specific demographics of users and increase the visibility of your posts to a wider audience. This type of post can lead to more likes, shares, and comments on your posts and increased website traffic. Boosting posts also allows you to track the performance of your ad, so you can see how well it’s doing and make necessary adjustments. For instance, a business that is hosting a sale could boost a post about the sale to a wider audience to increase the chances of people seeing and taking advantage of the sale. Boosting is also useful because it lets you set a budget and only spend up to that amount per month. You can schedule posts in advance to go live at times you believe will reach your ideal customers.


3. Difference Between Dark Post & Boost Post 

One of the main differences between dark posts and boost posts is their visibility. Dark posts are only visible to a specific audience, while boost posts are visible to a wider audience. An example of this would be a company creating a dark post promoting a new product to a certain region while a boost post is not limited to that region. Additionally, dark posts are typically used to test different messages or targeting strategies, while boost posts are used to increase reach and engagement. Another important difference is the targeting options. Dark posts allow you to target specific users based on various criteria such as demographics, interests, and behaviors. Boost posts, on the other hand, allow you to target users based on their engagement with your page or website. In most cases, dark posts are used for testing new copywriting and ads in order to ensure they perform well before going live with them at scale. They can also be used for audience targeting so that you can reach your target audience even more precisely than you did before. Once you have collected enough data from your dark posts, it’s time to go ahead and promote them! The great thing about this tool is that you don’t have to do any additional work when creating new ads – all of the settings will be pulled from existing posts or ads. When it comes to measuring performance, dark posts are typically used to measure more engagement, click-through rates, and conversion rates. Boost posts, on the other hand, are used to measure more reach, engagement, and website traffic.


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Dark posts and boost posts are two of the most popular forms of Facebook advertising. Even though they are similar, there are also some important differences between them that you should be aware of if you’re using either one for your business.

Dark posts are mainly used by businesses who want their content to be seen by specific users based on certain criteria, such as location or age group, whereas boost posts allow anyone who visits your Facebook page to see your message without being targeted by any particular demographic. In summary, dark posts and boost posts are two social media strategies that can be used to meet different business goals.


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