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What they needed


PeopleJoy has a very well-built website and compelling brand promise but needed improvements to both its search optimization and strategic digital marketing efforts. It contained all of the right ingredients but missed a cohesive recipe to ensure it was organically attracting the best audience to its website.

PeopleJoy also needed a fully-developed case study to help substantiate its brand and catalyze more business. This task alone required that they identify a key client, source quotes, conduct interviews, create content, and graphically design a comprehensive study that lived up to the PeopleJoy name and could be used as an effective sales tool.

They needed a thorough technical SEO overhaul, including redeveloped H1 tags, meta descriptions, keyword research and targeting, and other fine-combed optimizations to help make their site even stronger. Their existing content wasn’t being published or marketed as effectively as possible and needed a more thoughtful strategy to gain more visibility.

Their digital marketing presence en masse was less than the sum of its parts.

We <3 You Too, Emeka


“Estes Media has been crucial in helping PeopleJoy develop sales tools like our top-quality case study, as well as expand our digital marketing efforts to increase our visibility even more. They are true partners who listen, think outside the box, and have an evident passion for helping businesses scale.  We’ve seen a 30% uptick in our outbound marketing conversion rates since launching our case study.”

 – Emeka Oguh, Founder & CEO of PeopleJoy

Emeka Oguh, Founder & CEO of PeopleJoy

Top Priorities


Case Study. PeopleJoy required a thoughtful, thorough, and eye-catching document that summarized all of the evidential reasons they’ve proven themselves as effective partners for their customers. Key stakeholder interviews, end-customer quotes, process and collaboration summaries, graphic design, and client selection were just a few of the elements this particular project required.

SEO. PeopleJoy has an attractive, eye-catching website, but under the hood, there were missed opportunities to optimize the site for search engines. Competitive keyword research and targeting, meta descriptions, H1 tags, photo tags, and content analysis were a few of the many tasks needed to take them to the next level.

Content Strategy. With a deep library of helpful resources and blog content, PeopleJoy had all the ingredients but no recipe. They needed a developed content strategy to help maximize their existing assets and better establish them as an industry resource for insightful, forward-thinking knowledge.

Marketing Strategy. A more thoughtful, long-term digital marketing strategy could go a long way in boosting various efforts across the company. They needed a refresh of digital marketing best practices and a helpful plan to make them more effective advocates for themselves and drive more organic leads.

Battle Plan.


Process & Highlights

In every project we undertake, Estes Media provides top-to-bottom project management and transparency by developing a personalized timeline, task list, and ongoing project workflow that’s updated, shared, and discussed on an ongoing basis. Doing so helps establish a healthy collaboration by offering complete accountability and keeps every project within its timeframe and budget.

We conducted in-depth competitive research, content analyses, and keyword targeting. We informed key stakeholders on ongoing digital marketing best practices and implemented a long-term strategy to maximize both existing and future content development. Ongoing calls with key stakeholders ensured everyone stayed informed and on-task.

We also developed a comprehensive case study from scratch by helping identify ideal clients, conducting interviews with their stakeholders, writing original content about their collaboration, sourcing quotes from both end-customers and management, and designing an attractive and on-brand digital document. Altogether, we created an invaluable sales tool to substantiate their business.

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