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We are the roofing marketing pros who build your digital strategy from the ground up.

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Don’t let your business be invisible. Getting found online is a full-blown ranking war other agencies don’t tell you about. Let us fight for your place in the digital world.

What qualifies us to market your roofing business? We have an industry roofing professional with over a decade of experience working with us.

“Before I worked as the VP of sales at Estes Media I was a commercial roofing customer of Estes, and I saw first hand the positive impact it made in our company’s sales, ROI, and most importantly culture.”—Dan Saportas

Estes Media helps roofing companies scale their sales and marketing channels by answering their customer’s questions with quality content, advertising, and local SEO. Through these efforts we’ve bolstered the digital presence of residential and commercial roofing companies across the nation.

We’re not going to name any names, but if you’re curious how much smoke other agencies are blowing when they claim to have roofing experience, take a look at their real experience through LinkedIn. Call us and we’ll change our website if you find anyone with actual experience in the roofing industry like Estes Media. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

We know roofing from the inside-out, and we’ve got a reputation for snatching the best talent from around the globe. Lethal combination.

Stop Bidding to the Bottom and Win on Expertise

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Marketing for Roofing Companies

With Straightforward ROI

Six proven methods to help you maximize untapped channels and achieve greater visibility

SEO & Content Marketing

Don’t let inferior competitors show up above you on Google. We use content, link-building, and technical SEO that gets you the right leads with credit cards in hand.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the lifeblood of any website as well as the only tool to get you on the first page of Google. Managing the ever-evolving landscape of SEO, diligently performing competitor research, and regularly tweaking your keyword strategies are paramount, as is creating a pipeline of written blogs, case studies, and website content centered around these efforts.

Video Marketing

72% of customers prefer video to text marketing. Establish yourself as the industry leader with tailored videos showcasing your business at your best.

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Video marketing has been taking over the marketing industry since the proliferation of YouTube. But the commercial construction space hasn’t really gotten the memo. It presents another huge opportunity for willing commercial construction companies to capitalize on this overlooked potential. Thanks to our deep experience with video, we can help you develop, produce, and publish engaging video content that fosters more inbound leads.

Email Marketing

When emails are responsible for 1 in 4 sales, shouldn’t your email automations receive the same efforts as the rest of your marketing efforts? Make email integral to meeting your business goals.

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Email marketing continues to be one of the most  effective channels at your disposal. We develop top-to-bottom email campaigns built around a comprehensive understanding of your audience and business and extensive analytical insights. From custom imagery and full copywriting to personalizations and CTAs,  we’re equipped to handle every aspect of your campaigns. 


Advertising is an absolute necessity for any serious commercial construction company. Our unique playbook will have your phone ringing nonstop.

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We’re extremely proficient with Google and Facebook Ad Management systems, among other major platforms like LinkedIn. Our dedicated PPC experts will perform extensive keyword research, competitor analysis, bid strategies, audience development, and more to ensure your campaigns run at peak performance.


Social Media

Social is today’s customer validation and testimonial source. Establish your brand, create trust, and connect directly with your customers on the platforms that are right for your business.

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It’s not always about increasing your following or becoming an “influencer” in your space. Simply maintaining a regular posting cadence can exponentially increase your overall impressions, engagements, and reach, creating a larger brand awareness that drives more traffic to your website. Even with baseline efforts, our commercial construction clients see near-immediate growth.

Account Based Marketing

ABM is your superpower! By selecting a specific list of target companies, we can be laser-focused on how we target your ideal customers.
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Account-Based Marketing, or ABM, is a marketing strategy designed to help construction companies market directly to their desired clients. Employing an ABM strategy means selecting 100-200 companies you want to target and creating marketing strategies that directly target the right people at those companies. It’s the sniper rifle of marketing tactics.

Build Trust and Generate Leads

Set RFP's Instead of Answering Them

The best commercial construction marketing strategies set the RFPs rather than being ruled by them. Your marketing strategy shouldn’t be the cheapest option; you should be providing the best value. Racing to the bottom is the wrong battle. Get in front of your customers early.

Scale Beyond Handshakes

Commercial construction is an industry run by hand-shakes and in-person meetings. But real, scalable, measurable growth can only be unlocked with professional digital marketing efforts. A salesperson can only do so much. Your digital presence should be your frontline sales rep.

Close More Deals with ABM

Account Based Marketing (ABM) is a strategy designed to help construction companies market directly to a list of specified clients. By selecting 50-200 companies to target, we create personalized marketing strategies developed to attract the decision-makers at each company.

What is the Secret Sauce for Roofing Marketing?

Estes Media has built our name by tailoring every strategy specifically for each business we serve and scaling the marketing efforts of some of the nation’s largest residential and commercial roofing contractors. Don’t fall for a big name agency’s glitz and glamour. You deserve more than a one-size-fits-all assembly line. Estes Media offers contractor marketing services tailored to your specific business. 

Companies with a solid SEO and digital marketing strategy achieve 2.8 times higher growth expectancy than those that don’t. And those that use content marketing? 3.3 times more likely to increase their workforce and business.

Roofing is an industry whose handshakes and personal relationships have been the majority of its business development efforts. If you do any marketing for your roofing company, digital marketing should be it. As the most cost-effective marketing strategy for medium-sized businesses, digital marketing can help propel you ahead of the competition and pay for itself.

Let Estes Media show you how targeted and sophisticated account-based digital marketing approach can change your ROI.

What Others Are Saying


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“Estes Media knows their stuff and they are an amazing marketing ally. I could not recommend them more to anyone who is looking for a new marketing partner or SEO company to bring on board.”—Total Wrecking

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“Estes Media has been crucial in helping PeopleJoy develop sales tools like our top-quality case study, as well as expand our digital marketing efforts to increase our visibility even more. They are true partners who listen, think outside the box, and have an evident passion for helping businesses scale.  We’ve seen a 30% uptick in our outbound marketing conversion rates since launching our case study.”—PeopleJoy

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“Estes Media have been essential partners in developing our sales and marketing plans. Whether it’s CRM, a new website, SEO, advertising, or content strategy, they have leveled us up from a ‘D’ to an ‘A’.”—Simpson Unlimited

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What’s the Deal?

Your website will be most customers’ very first impression of your company, so it’s crucial that it accurately establishes your reputation from the word “go.” It’s not about trying to be the cheapest or the fastest; it’s about expressing that you’re the best.

Your homepage should feature quality case studies that convey the unique advantages of working with your company. 

Your construction marketing efforts should all be focused on long-term and short-term ROI.

With Estes Media’s help, we can help conceptualize and implement contractor marketing services that are proven to make your phone ring.

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