We all know that websites have become essential to business today. But having an aesthetic site it’s not enough at all. In fact, there is no point in having a good-looking platform that doesn’t work as it should. A business’s online presence, regardless of industry, has a massive impact on its success. Some businesses still don’t realize that a majority of their customers will visit their website before making a purchase. Having a strong online presence, particularly a website, can be a make or break for generating more revenue. The quality of your website impacts directly the results and growth of your business. When visitors come to your site, it’s up to you to prove that your website is credible and functional enough to provide the best customer value journey for them. At Estes Media, we’re experts on SEO tactics that optimize our client’s journey to achieve their goals. In this article, we’re going to deep dive into how to check your website’s credibility and why it’s so relevant.


1. While We Don’t Judge – Other People Do
2. What is an SEO Website Checkup Going to do?
3. Avoid Undesirable Outcomes
4. Take your Website to The Next Level

1. While We Don’t Judge – Other People Do

When was the last time you updated your Website? If it’s longer than one year, it’s time to review your site representing your business and also, how it’s performing. An outdated, slow, or hard-to-navigate website can turn your audience off before they even know who you are, they probably will turn away and not look back, and worst, they maybe won’t remember you. To instantly captivate potential customers, you must keep your website up-to-date by using safe web practices and custom web design. The benefits of doing a website checkup are:
• Minimizes the bugs and errors on the site
• Makes your website more user friendly
• Gains and increases user trust in your business
• Brings visitors back and more often
• Ensures compatibility with different platforms
• Draws more inbound links
• Improves search engine rankings
• Accelerates the growth and sales of your business
We are driven by wanting to have the latest and greatest. We like for things to be new, refreshing, and up-to-date. Your website’s design should focus on the needs of your target audience providing accessible and engaging content that your ideal customer within your target market will find useful and attractive. The more time you can put into making sure your website it’s optimized, the better experience you will be offering for your visitors and potential customers, and your business’ sales will increase considerably.

2. What is an SEO Website Checkup Going to do?

An SEO Website Checkup is a complete screen and analysis of your site to make sure everything is working correctly. If you are not getting the results you want for your business from your website, start by understanding how well your website is -or not- performing and then optimize and update everything that it requires. Even if you followed SEO best practices when you created your website, things have probably changed in the ensuing years — or even months, and you need to update. Here are the top 6 aspects to look for when completing an SEO Website Checkup:
1 Page Copy. Having original high-quality content specially made for your customers makes all the difference. The ideal word count varies for the topic, but your pages should have as many words as the pages you are ranking for the Keywords you are targeting.
2 Titles, Alt Texts & Meta Descriptions. Make sure to use unique tags and descriptions that are relevant to the content by including Keywords.
3 Image Size. Image size affects Page Loading Time, so a very large image file will load slower than the rest of the page, which means users won’t see the content as they should. Every time you use an image, make it fit perfectly without affecting its quality.
4 Page Loading Time. Search engines want to show users content as fast as possible, so they will reject pages that take longer to load. You need all of your pages to load fast and correctly on multiple browsers, devices, and in varying locations.
5 Mobile Friendly. Websites always need to adjust completely to look appropriate on mobile devices. Without such customization, users may not even be able to navigate many aspects of the site.
6 Fix Broken Pages. Continuous good SEO maintenance practices make it less likely that deleting or moving a page will result in broken links in the future.

3. Avoid Undesirable Outcomes

Without proper SEO Website Checkup, numerous issues may reveal themselves and cause significant losses to your business. To avoid this, it’s necessary to make sure that your site doesn’t have errors or vulnerabilities, no usability or performance issues that remain after the deployment. Solutions will vary dramatically depending on what is wrong. If you have a very small website, you may be able to read through each page with a checklist of things to look for to conduct your own SEO Website testing. And for bigger websites, the amount of content sometimes makes it very difficult to keep up. If you don’t have much experience in this field, there is a very good chance that you’ll miss something that is vital for your website’s performance and business growth. You’ve probably invested a fair amount of time and money into your website and optimizing for search engines. Keeping up on SEO Checkups will help ensure that all of your SEO efforts it’s worthy, just by looking at the results that these best practices can do for your business. And if you suspect that your site has been hacked, you may have a long road to recovery, and you’ll surely want to invest in a website that is more resistant to hacks in the future.

4. Take your Website to The Next Level

SEO is a priority for good reasons. No matter how high-quality your site and content are, it won’t matter if search engines don’t put your website in front of your targeted audience and potential customers. If you haven’t checked up on your website yet, it would be a good idea to do it as soon as possible. At Estes Media, we’ve helped numerous different companies to create their digital presences by optimizing their content and their marketing strategies. Whether you are making a new website, revitalizing an old one, or looking for help with maintenance through the years, we’re here to guide you on how. To learn more about how Estes Media can help with your SEO Checkup, check out our blog posts and discover our best content creation services and case studies. Our marketing experts specialize by industry, so you get excellent service from someone who knows your business and customers at their best!

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