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Top 8 Social Media Trends And Best Practices 


The saying, “knowing is half the battle”, has never been more accurate. If you’re planning your social media strategy, and you want to know what the most talked-about trends are, this blog post is for you. Since its start, social media platforms users have been on the rise. There’s an increase of 6.5% from a year ago; this would be 4.89 BILLION social media users worldwide. It’s also 2.2 billion more than in 2017, representing a 79.1% increment in five years. The average annual growth rate is 10.2%. Statistically speaking, more than 91% of social media users use mobile devices to access their social networks. The growing trend and reliance of consumers on social media indicate a clear opportunity for social media marketing opportunities for e-commerce businesses around the world. Before diving into what the top social media trends are, let’s see the top six social media platforms with the highest number of Monthly Active Users (MAUs) are:
• Facebook 2.91 billion MAUs
• YouTube 2.56 billion MAUs
• WhatsApp 2 billion MAUs
• Instagram 1.47 billion MAUs
• WeChat 1.26 billion MAUs
• TikTok 1 billion MAUs
Now it’s time to turn our attention to the upcoming updates (and their best practices) that the world of social media will bring this year. From new platforms to a laser focus on authentic and multi-sensory content, things are about to feel real — even in the virtual world — as consumers push for authenticity, community, and more immersive experiences.


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1. Trend 1: Multi-Sensory Content

Multi-sensory media is the integration of different formats such as video, audio, text, and even fully-immersive environments. This brings new and more engaging experiences to social media users worldwide. Instagram launched the option to add music to still images. Twitter added a podcast page in the US. Meta is heavily investing into the metaverse. And as more social media platforms pivot towards video-based content, the role of audio in social media is rapidly changing. Facebook has soundbite reaction tools. Twitter has voice tweets and Twitter Spaces. LinkedIn has Audio Events.
Best practices to navigate this trend:
Create your content by including trending audios, interactive polls, GIFs or animations, music, captions, links, etc., to introduce the notion of multi-sensory social media, even if it is on a smaller scale. (e.x.: level up your Instagram Reels strategy with trending audio to ensure higher engagement and broader reach)


2. Trend 2: Super-Apps 

The multi-sensory trend ties in well with this another top social media trend: super-apps. Super-apps combine various features from messaging, video and entertainment to commerce and payment (just like WeChat offers). This provides users with more immersive experiences and the ease of having multiple needs met in one platform, making processes more straightforward, simpler, and faster.
Here are examples of social media platforms taking advantage of this trend:
TikTok has been adding multiple features that directly copy other social media apps, from a BeReal clone to carousels, stories, and longer videos, and it is even making moves into the non-digital world.
Meta has been turning WhatsApp into an app that goes beyond one-on-one messaging, with community tools and payment features in selected regions.
Best practices to navigate this trend:
Make use of all features that can help to provide your audience with a more convenient, all-in-one experience on your social media platforms of choice. Of course, you can implement this for your e-commerce as well.


3. Trend 3: Metaverse Experience 

It’s expected that the metaverse will become more utilized and experimented with this year. Key trends will include consumers experimenting with creating and using avatars, a focus on Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), virtual stores and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), and a format war between different metaverses.
Several well-known companies are already experimenting with metaverse experiences today:
Nike has its own “Nikeland” interactive world, where visitors can play games centered on sports, as well as NFT sneakers and avatar accessories.
Starbucks is offering members the ability to buy and earn NFTs that will unlock access to immersive coffee experiences.
Ferrari released its 296 GTB model to the Fortnite community before making its physical debut.
Shopify recently reported that AR and 3D product content benefits from a 94% higher conversion rate compared to traditional product content — so that’s another reason to get started, like, right now!
Best practices to navigate this trend:
Start experimenting with the metaverse yourself to get comfortable with it, and to get ideas from it. Consider how your business can take some initial first steps, such as implementing AR into your social media strategy and e-commerce.


4. Trend 4: AI Takes Over

AI will not only take over content creation but also impact analytics tracking. As a market and statistically speaking, AI is expected to grow yearly by 120%. Artificial Intelligence (AI) it’s software that automates specific tasks, such as efficiently drafting social media posts, uncovering new advertising channels, etc., that improves over time as it’s exposed to more data. Although it sounds fantastic to have a tool that can create content for you almost instantly, using it as a way-to-go as it is, it’s not the best idea. This is because, according to Google, autogenerated content violates its guidelines and policy. It’s important to know that AI will never replace the power of authentic content that suits your brand/company and audience. So while these tools can help you come up with new great, they’ll never be able to capture your brand’s unique voice and personality like you will.
Best practices to navigate this trend:
One way to include AI in your social media plan is to assist with copywriting. You can feed in a few prompts, and the AI software will come back with copy suggestions. Also, you can let AI do the tedious work of research and analysis.




5. Trend 5: Video-First and TikTok

In analysis, short-form videos will see the most growth this year. According to statistics, this marketing format is the most effective and has the highest ROI. And for social media trends predictions, TikTok will become the number one social media network worldwide, so we expect to see more 9:16 (full-screen vertical) content coming our way. TikTok had a huge influence on other social media since its launch. While it’s no surprise that Instagram followed TikTok’s lead on this one, now so have YouTube and Facebook. On Facebook, vertical video has a 90% higher completion rate than horizontal videos, and YouTube is working on a new feature that reformats video ads into vertical playback to support this aspect ratio.
Best practices to navigate this trend:
Think video-first: be sure to have a strong presence on your social media platforms such as Instagram Reels, TikTok, or YouTube Shorts. Plenty of social media platforms are also working on making video caption a default option, so be sure also to incorporate this into your video strategy.


6. Trend 6: Customer Service Goes Social

Ignoring customer inquiries on social media can have a very negative impact. On the other hand, public responses show companies taking accountability and building trust and transparency with their audience. It’s expected that more and more businesses will incorporate a customer service element into their social media strategies from now on as a way to improve their relationship with their community and clients. This will use social media as a direct line of communication with customers to quickly answer customer questions, complaints and requests, and proactively respond to customers who mention your brand. Some social media platforms, like Facebook (which offers features such as a common inbox, automated responses, and chatbots), provide readily-available functionalities to simplify your customer service management and improve response times.
Best practices to navigate this trend:
There are many steps you can take to incorporate customer service into your social media strategy immediately, like training your social media manager on a customer service process, opening your social media direct messages for submitting questions and complaints, considering setting up separate and dedicated channels for social media customer support (e.x.: Twitter), etc.


7. Trend 7: Responsibility, Transparency And Authenticity

There continues to be a growing pressure on companies around the world to show how they are giving back to society and what values and ideologies they align with. People want complete transparency and authenticity more than ever, and tendencies show that many customers believe companies should take the lead in addressing social, environmental, and political issues. This means that brands will have to base their social media image around these high social standards by taking a public stand on which values and behavior they find acceptable and stands by them. Ben & Jerry’s is a great example of a brand that addresses global issues. Its social media profiles are filled with insights into its ethical programs and sustainability initiatives. They also use their voice to take a stand on political and societal issues like policing racism and women’s rights.
Best practices to navigate this trend:
Your audience will appreciate your brand using your social media reach to draw attention to issues that matter to them. Define your business’s steps toward more ethical practices, avoiding false or exaggerated claims. You can apply this by incorporating behind-the-scenes of how your products are made, how your company contributes to a sustainability project, how you take care of your employees, etc.


8. Trend 8: Content is King

There’s no doubt about it. Content has been, and always will be, the king of any social media (and marketing) strategy and its success. Consistent and high-quality content on social media gets the right audience involved with your business and interacts with what you offer. About 74% of companies are sure that their increased leads are thanks to content marketing, and that number is expected to keep growing. The way to stand out on social media it’s to identify specific goals, create valuable posts that align with those goals by using the best formats and trends, do well-thought copywriting, and distribute the content on the right platforms. Then, you can measure results and fine-tune your strategy over time.
Best practices to navigate this trend:
Relevant content reaches your audience more personally and is influenced by their interests, wants, and needs. When creating any kind of content, remember that it’s the bridge between you and your audience. Don’t take this lightly: whatever you communicate needs to be accurate, so think about hiring a professional or a creation agency to help you with it.



Ready to Boost your Social Media Strategy? As social platforms continuously work to enhance their users’ experiences, companies must be prepared to adapt. From knowing what the best Facebook ad copy or Instagram ad copy should be, to how to communicate something in a post, and anything related to posting on social media platforms — being on the wave with your online business evolution means making the best of your digital channels and explore all of the features that could help you increase engagement and sales. If you’re looking for an all-in-one content creation suite that allows you to manage your social media channels effortlessly, Estes Media it’s definitely your next partner. From mapping out your social media, content creation solutions, and marketing strategies, you’ll find a team of experts who will work with and for you on everything your business needs in this digital world.


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