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Total Wrecking & Environmental case study

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Total Wrecking’s website had a solid design that stood strong but was not bringing much of any traffic, old or new. It also hadn’t been set up as a strong tool to help educate their ideal customer base. Many of Total Wrecking’s existing digital assets were well-designed and functional but nothing was organically leading more traffic to the website or generating solid leads. Their digital marketing efforts had largely plateaued.

Their website and digital marketing strategy needed a top-to-bottom energy boost, including extensive technical updates, a bevy of on-page optimizations, a fresh rewrite of its copy, and a wealth of top-quality and educational content. The SEO site-wide was lacking, with no cohesive keyword targeting, H1 tags, meta data, or ongoing content generation of any kind. 

They simply didn’t have the internal bandwidth to scale their marketing campaigns to where they needed to be. The existing team, even though they recognized the importance of improving their digital efforts, had been focused on direct marketing efforts.

In addition to a comprehensive keyword strategy and more insightful competitive research, Total Wrecking needed organized and targeted content across a number of its channels to help create more exposure and brand awareness, as well as establish themselves as thought-leaders at the top of their field. Their CRM wasn’t properly integrated across their workflows and there were a multitude of advertising, marketing, and PR opportunities they weren’t sure how to manage.

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“Estes Media knows their stuff and they are an amazing marketing ally. I could not recommend them more to anyone who is looking for a new marketing partner or SEO company to bring on board.”

-Sandy Bodami  I  Director – Total Wrecking & Environmental

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Top Priorities


Content Strategy. Total Wrecking needed a comprehensive content strategy with detailed outlines of optimal pillar topics, competitive keyword targets, a content output timeline, and a greater volume of blog posts, white papers, and informational resources to help attract a more specific audience and convert more leads.

SEO. Total Wrecking’s website looked good, but under the hood, there were a bevy of missed opportunities to optimize on-page content and underlying technical elements. Using our competitive keyword analysis, we targeted achievable, high-volume keywords to apply throughout their existing content, titles, meta descriptions, imagery, and blog posts.

Branding. Total Wrecking was looking to improve their shareable sales sheets and one-pagers, as well as other pieces of original content they needed designed, written, and ready for delivery. They were also looking to increase various PR opportunities and wanted a partner to help them develop thoughtful storytelling strategies to promote and broaden their brand message. 

CRM. In a network reliant and people-centric business, Total Wrecking didn’t have an existing platform or workflow to efficiently track and manage their customer communications. We were able to train and onboard their entire team to HubSpot’s platform and enable them for long-term success.

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Process & Highlights

One of our primary goals is providing comprehensive project management and top-to-bottom transparency through developing a detailed timeline, task list, and collaborative project workflow that is shared and updated in real time. This not only offers complete accountability and encourages collaboration, it also helps ensure projects are agile to meet ever evolving needs.

We conducted detailed content interviews with key company stakeholders to understand their brand ethos, and what they identify as pain points in the sales process. We provide weekly updates during standing weekly calls to go through every project task, review content performance, and discuss immediate action items and key takeaways.

We designed a blog template from scratch and produced a monthly piece of pillar content to populate their internal resource library. We also conducted in-depth competitive research, content analysis, keyword research, and ongoing performance tracking to create the most relevant, lasting content and SEO optimizations.

We trained and onboarded the Total Wrecking team on a brand new CRM system, developed and wrote original earned content published by third party outlets, explored and discussed a variety of advertising and PR opportunities, added informative and fully optimized pages of original content to their website, and have ongoing consultations with company leadership to discuss overall marketing and brand strategies.

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    25% increase in organic search traffic

    New, modernized CRM provides insight into sales team’s performance and KPIs

    Implemented and onboarded HubSpot CRM

    90% increase in social engagement

    10x increase inbound phone calls in first year

    5x Leads in first year

    200%+ increase in overall site traffic

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