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Your Website is Your #1 Sales Rep

More often than not your website is the very first experience a new potential customer ever has with your brand.

Your website is your brand’s first impression, meaning it needs to be attractive, engaging, and easy-to-use while providing your audience with a clear journey to the next steps you want them to take upon landing on your page. 

Before you work on attracting your customers with ads and SEO you need to have a thoughtful, beautiful and well developed mousetrap (aka website) to capture leads.

Thoughtful web development ensures your site is easy to manage, maintain, and optimize so it finds the right people.

When you consider just how many leads and conversions your website is responsible for, it becomes clear that it’s the cheapest salesperson you’ll ever hire.

Our Unique Playbook = Faster Scalability

Web Design 101

AKA Top 6 Tips to Win a Website Beauty Pageant (You Won’t BELIEVE #5)


What are your favorite websites? Design elements? How should it feel to navigate your site? These questions, and many more, are how we begin our collaborative design process.


Is your website designed with modern versatility, allowing it to seamlessly adjust to different devices and screen sizes? This is crucial in a world where people can connect from anywhere.


Don’t get lost in the crowd. Strong website designs need to creates thoughtful ways to grab your audience’s attention and actively engage them as they click and scroll around.

Simple, Not Busy

Simple and elegant designs keep your brand image clean and make it as easy as possible for visitors to find what they’re looking for. Minimalistic with thoughtful flourishes is the way forward.


The best websites make visitors feel genuinely enthusiastic about the products or services you’re selling. Creating that emotional response requires a modernized website with a sistint edge.


It’s all about the flow! It doesn’t matter how good-looking your site is if it’s not easy to learn or seamless to navigate. A cohesive brand promise should be articulated in all design elements.

Web Development 101

AKA The Must-Have ToolKit for Any “Real” Website

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This is a crucial and dedicated separate service, but even without full SEO management, we ensure sites are coded to fulfill all baseline SEO requirements to help your website rank higher.


In order for your website to operate at full capacity even with high traffic, your website needs to be hosted on expandable and reliable servers. We partner only with the industry’s best, like Google, AWS, and Rackspace.


We ensure your shiny new website integrates with all CRM, marketing automation, ERP tools, and more so that your business is running at its leanest and meanest.

Content Management Solution (CMS)

Proficient in WordPress, Laravel, Webflow, and other leading platforms, as well as proud HubSpot Certified Partners. We put as much thought into the back end as the front.


Cyberattacks grow more common and sophisticated by the day. All of our websites are designed with security at the forefront, meaning you can rely on a safe, secure, un-hackable website.



More than 50% of overall internet traffic originates from non-desktop devices, meaning your website needs to be responsive and adaptable to a vast array of screen sizes, proportions, and devices.

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“Estes Media knows their stuff and they are an amazing marketing ally. I could not recommend them more to anyone who is looking for a new marketing partner or SEO company to bring on board.”



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“Estes Media has been crucial in helping PeopleJoy develop sales tools like our top-quality case study, as well as expand our digital marketing efforts to increase our visibility even more. They are true partners who listen, think outside the box, and have an evident passion for helping businesses scale.  We’ve seen a 30% uptick in our outbound marketing conversion rates since launching our case study.”


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“Estes Media have been essential partners in developing our sales and marketing plans. Whether it’s CRM, a new website, SEO, advertising, or content strategy, they have leveled us up from a ‘D’ to an ‘A’.”


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