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Since partnering with growth marketing agencies like Estes Media, AnchoRock has experienced significant improvements and results for their business:

Bespoke Solutions: AnchoRock valued the tailored strategy and deep industry knowledge that Estes Media brought to the table, giving them the confidence of having a dedicated group of experts bolstering their business growth initiatives.

Authoritative Content: Leaning on a creative digital marketing agency allowed AnchoRock to deploy thorough and helpful content that landed higher on search engine results pages without having to do it in-house.

Lead Generation: AnchoRock’s inbound leads went from virtually non-existent to thriving, leading to increased revenue for the first time without relying on an outbound sales model.

Strategic Vision: The partnership with Estes Media inspired AnchoRock to expand their thought process around marketing, developing an understanding of the various channels that help build brand awareness and loyal customers.

Measurable Results: Estes Media delivered precise analytics and understanding regarding the effectiveness of AnchoRock’s online marketing strategies, fostering an environment of clarity that enhanced the quality of their strategic decisions.

Industry Breakthrough: Overcoming a crowded technology landscape proved a feasible task, as Estes Media leveraged AnchoRock’s industry niche throughout marketing strategies, crafting an engaging and consistent message across all platforms

"Everyone at Estes Media comes from a background in either marketing, technology, construction, sales, or creative storytelling, which enabled us to effectively tell AnchoRock’s story and successfully build their lead generation channels. Our team of obsessive marketers deployed battle-tested strategies that delivered measurable results for Taylor Thorn and company, allowing AnchoRock to achieve their goals of market penetration and eventual acquisition."

Josh Estes, Partner & Founder at Estes Media

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Marketing Strategy
We want to be your marketing partners. Comprehensive consultation and strategy are provided at each step.
Let’s get people talking about your brand. We will help develop your story, logo, messaging and designs to keep your best foot forward.
SEO Expertise
Cutting-edge strategies that help you rank higher and faster for relevant key terms. We stay updated to boost targeted organic traffic.
Email Marketing
Emails are responsible for almost 1 in 4 sales. We develop campaigns with compelling content and imagery to engage your optimal audience.
From Google to Facebook, we’ve fine-tuned our paid ad strategies that guarantee fair bids for relevant keywords at a lower CAC.
Content Creation
A strong brand identity sets your construction company apart from the competition. Our branding specialists will help you develop a memorable logo, cohesive visual identity, and a compelling brand story that resonates with your target audience and builds trust.
Social Media Management
Creative campaigns with deep research, custom imagery, and engaging copy that boosts engagement and visibility.
Public Relations
Ensuring that you are featured in the stories that will drive your brand forward across all Paid, Earned, Owned, and Shared Media is responsible for almost 1 in 4 sales.
Website Design and Development
Your website is the digital face of your construction business. Our talented designers and developers will create a visually stunning, user-friendly, and mobile-responsive website that showcases your services and helps convert visitors into loyal customers.

the challenges

In early 2022, AnchoRock, a young technology start-up based in San Diego, California, headed by co-founder and CEO, Taylor Thorn, had its sights set on growing the business and becoming a premier construction safety software company in a market lacking options.

Being a small team of about 5 employees, they faced a series of pressing challenges that threatened to impede AnchoRock’s growth and scalability. The startup grappled with a significant shortage of human capital, sales and marketing experience, and time, constraining their ability to expand and innovate.

On top of that, the absence of a compelling online presence meant that AnchoRock struggled to get in front of potential customers and investors, marking an even steeper uphill battle for market penetration.

These obstacles underscored an urgent need for strategic intervention from a marketing partner with a deep understanding of b2b startups. They needed to not only elevate AnchoRock’s digital footprint, but also chart a path towards achieving an initial market share and attracting the attention of venture capital firms for a potential acquisition.

In this case study, we’ll discuss the challenges faced by AnchoRock and why they chose a SaaS content marketing agency like Estes Media to be their complete digital marketing agency on the journey to their acquisition by KPA.


Absent Digital Presence: AnchoRock was a fresh tech start-up with a lacking online presence, including an underperforming website and minimal engagement on social media platforms.

Content Strategy: With no experienced SEO content writers on the AnchoRock team, they needed to partner with an agency that could develop content that converted leads and resonated with their construction audience.

Marketing Expertise: AnchoRock needed more than writers in the construction technology field – they needed a team that knows commercial construction and could deploy proven digital marketing strategies across email and social media campaigns to penetrate the market.

Minimal Human Capital: Starting with only 5 core employees, no one had enough time to hire and train a marketer to deploy AnchoRock marketing strategies, let alone develop them internally.

Optimized Conversion Center: AnchoRock’s website at the time was slow and lacked the proper features that drive lead generation, resulting in lackluster performance.

Estes Media AnchoRock Website Design


Construction and Technology Expertise: Estes Media has unique expertise in both technology and construction, something rarely found in the digital marketing space. Taylor Thorn believed the crossroads of talents would be crucial in developing successful marketing strategies.

Full-Service Approach: Estes Media offered AnchoRock a comprehensive suite of services, including content creation, advertising, social media management, email campaigns, and website development, all with measurable KPIs.

Flexibility: Estes Media’s experience in technology start-ups meant they knew when and how to pivot and make adjustments to better serve their clients, making the reallocation of resources on the fly a breeze.

Communication and Understanding: For AnchoRock, the ability to meet daily or weekly with their marketing team was not an option. They needed a team they could trust to execute a shared vision with minimal supervision, acting as an extension of the company.

case study testimonial

Estes Media AnchoRock

"Estes Media was essential to AnchoRock’s go-to-market success and eventual acquisition by a major investor. Our team was just a handful of people with minimal sales and marketing experience, so we needed an agency with expertise that was mature enough to run on their own. Joshua Estes’s team did exactly that, and delivered results beyond our expectations. They ultimately helped us increase our market share by developing and deploying a winning marketing strategy for AnchoRock. Without a doubt I recommend them to any business."

Taylor Thorn, Co-Founder & CEO of AnchoRock 

the estes media solutions

Estes Media began their engagement with AnchoRock by immersing themselves in the mindset of the construction safety professional, conducting subject matter interviews, participating in product demonstrations, and performing as much market research about the industry, niche, and competitors as possible.

From there, they worked closely with Taylor Thorn and his team to refine SEO content strategies and created a detailed roadmap of the next 12 months of services and their expected results. With an aggressive yet realistic plan in place, the Estes Media team began developing website content, social media and email marketing campaigns, as well as building a fast new website that was optimized for lead generation.

AnchoRock relied on Estes Media to develop and introduce winning content strategies to the team that would bolster the company image and grow their audience. Estes Media’s services included:

• Website development and optimization
• Monthly content creation including service pages, blogs, case studies, and landing pages.
• Creation and distribution of bi-monthly product marketing emails
• Development and implementation of weekly social media posts

More than just an agency, Estes Media acted as an extension of the company when they needed it most. Agency founder, Joshua Estes, leveraged his deep experience helping small businesses with go-to-market and scalability strategies that helped AnchoRock attract interest from software mainstays Arcoro and KPA, who ultimately acquired AnchoRock.


The most significant impact of AnchoRock’s partnership with Estes Media was the dramatic increase in inbound leads, attributable to a revamped website and targeted SEO efforts. This validated the company’s value to its customers as well as played a crucial role in the business’s success and its eventual acquisition by KPA in late 2023. By developing and growing AnchRock’s other digital channels, namely social media, email campaigns, and public relations, Estes Media was able to increase brand recognition and nurture additional streams for lead generation.

Estes Media refined AnchoRock’s go-to-market-strategy, making sure to accentuate the benefits that came with the construction industry’s custom safety compliance across all of their channels. Founder and CEO, Taylor Thorn credits Estes Media with delivering a top-to-bottom digital marketing experience that felt like they had hired a full-time marketing guru to help grow their business. Throughout the engagement, the AnchoRock team learned just how valuable a digital content marketing agency was for them.

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Ryan Stone
Ryan Stone
I was very impressed with the team at Estes Media from our very first consultation. I could tell they actually cared about my business’s success before we actually signed up by showing us how we could easily grow our user base organically.
Daniel Lewkowicz
Daniel Lewkowicz
Great marketing team! Loved working with them!
Jennifer Escamilla
Jennifer Escamilla
Great team!
garry berardi
garry berardi
Great Group, very responsive and knowledgeable
Asa Pitt
Asa Pitt
I brought Josh in to do some consulting and his guidance definitely sent my business in the right direction. If you’re serious about your online marketing and presence, you need to be serious about Estes Media.
Fiona Pollock
Fiona Pollock
Outstanding service. Would recommend Estes Media to everyone.
Tim Goodson
Tim Goodson
Great Work, looking forward to future projects.
Sandra Arianna
Sandra Arianna
Where do I begin! I cannot say enough good things about Josh, Andrew and the entire Estes Media team. They have completely revamped our online presence and have taught us along the way. Their knowledge in the industry is unmatched. We have gained so much more than a marketing agency in them - we have a long standing partnership and can't wait to see all that we will do together in the future.
Austin Kourakin
Austin Kourakin
Joshua and the team are great!
Scott Moran
Scott Moran
Was initially nervous given we're in different time zones/regions but turned out to be a non-issue. Communication has been flexible and reliable - same for their willingness to understand and meet the specific needs of my practice.

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