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Unleash the power of personalized and strategically crafted emails. Our Email Marketing service ensures your messages resonate, engage, and convert, propelling your business to new heights in the digital landscape.

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Marketing Strategy
We want to be your marketing partners. Comprehensive consultation and strategy are provided at each step.
Let’s get people talking about your brand. We will help develop your story, logo, messaging and designs to keep your best foot forward.
SEO Expertise
Cutting-edge strategies that help you rank higher and faster for relevant key terms. We stay updated to boost targeted organic traffic.
Email Marketing
Emails are responsible for almost 1 in 4 sales. We develop campaigns with compelling content and imagery to engage your optimal audience.
From Google to Facebook, we’ve fine-tuned our paid ad strategies that guarantee fair bids for relevant keywords at a lower CAC.
Content Creation
A strong brand identity sets your construction company apart from the competition. Our branding specialists will help you develop a memorable logo, cohesive visual identity, and a compelling brand story that resonates with your target audience and builds trust.
Social Media Management
Creative campaigns with deep research, custom imagery, and engaging copy that boosts engagement and visibility.
Public Relations
Ensuring that you are featured in the stories that will drive your brand forward across all Paid, Earned, Owned, and Shared Media is responsible for almost 1 in 4 sales.
Website Design and Development
Your website is the digital face of your construction business. Our talented designers and developers will create a visually stunning, user-friendly, and mobile-responsive website that showcases your services and helps convert visitors into loyal customers.

our email marketing services

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From strategic planning and design to list management, automation, and analytics, our Email Marketing services are designed to leverage the power of email to engage audiences, nurture leads, and drive desired outcomes for your business.





Estes Media Digital Marketing Agency Services
Campaign Strategy and Planning
Email Marketing services begin with developing a comprehensive strategy, including defining campaign objectives, target audience segmentation, and determining the most effective messaging and content for different email campaigns.
List Management
Efficiently managing email lists is crucial. This includes growing the subscriber base, segmenting lists based on demographics or behavior, and maintaining clean and up-to-date contact information.
Email Design and Content Creation
Email Marketing services involve creating visually appealing and impactful email designs. This includes crafting compelling copy, incorporating engaging visuals, and optimizing content for both desktop and mobile devices.
A/B Testing
Email Marketing services often involve A/B testing different elements of email campaigns, such as subject lines, visuals, or calls-to-action, to identify the most effective strategies for maximizing engagement and conversions.
Implementing automation is a key aspect of Email Marketing. This includes setting up automated workflows triggered by user actions, such as welcome emails, drip campaigns, and abandoned cart emails, to nurture leads and enhance user experience.
Effective Email Marketing services leverage personalization to tailor content and offers based on user preferences, behaviors, and demographics. Personalized emails tend to result in higher engagement and conversion rates.
Analytics and Reporting
Monitoring and analyzing email campaign performance is essential. Our Email Marketing services include tracking key metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, and other relevant data. This analysis informs ongoing optimization efforts.
Integration with Other Marketing Channels
Coordinating Email Marketing efforts with other digital marketing channels is important for a cohesive strategy. This integration may involve aligning email campaigns with social media, content marketing, or other channels to amplify the overall marketing impact.

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Estes Media Testimonial Total Wrecking

"Estes Media knows their stuff and they are an amazing marketing ally. I could not recommend them more to anyone who is looking for a new marketing partner or SEO company to bring on board."

Sandy Bodami, Director
Total Wrecking & Environmental

Estes Media Testimonial Simpson

"Estes Media have been essential partners in developing our sales and marketing plans. Whether it's CRM, a new website, SEO, advertising, or content strategy, they have leveled us up from a D to an A."

Dan Saportas, Executive Vice President
Simpson Unlimited, Inc.

Estes Media Testimonial PeopleJoy

"Estes Media has been crucial in helping PeopleJoy develop sales tools and increase our visibility even more. We’ve seen a 30% uptick in our outbound marketing conversion rates since launching our case study."

Emeka Oguh, Founder & CEO

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From strategic planning to engaging designs and powerful automation, our expertly crafted email strategies empower your business, driving engagement, conversions, and lasting customer connections.


Ryan Stone
Ryan Stone
I was very impressed with the team at Estes Media from our very first consultation. I could tell they actually cared about my business’s success before we actually signed up by showing us how we could easily grow our user base organically.
Daniel Lewkowicz
Daniel Lewkowicz
Great marketing team! Loved working with them!
Jennifer Escamilla
Jennifer Escamilla
Great team!
garry berardi
garry berardi
Great Group, very responsive and knowledgeable
Asa Pitt
Asa Pitt
I brought Josh in to do some consulting and his guidance definitely sent my business in the right direction. If you’re serious about your online marketing and presence, you need to be serious about Estes Media.
Fiona Pollock
Fiona Pollock
Outstanding service. Would recommend Estes Media to everyone.
Tim Goodson
Tim Goodson
Great Work, looking forward to future projects.
Sandra Arianna
Sandra Arianna
Where do I begin! I cannot say enough good things about Josh, Andrew and the entire Estes Media team. They have completely revamped our online presence and have taught us along the way. Their knowledge in the industry is unmatched. We have gained so much more than a marketing agency in them - we have a long standing partnership and can't wait to see all that we will do together in the future.
Austin Kourakin
Austin Kourakin
Joshua and the team are great!
Scott Moran
Scott Moran
Was initially nervous given we're in different time zones/regions but turned out to be a non-issue. Communication has been flexible and reliable - same for their willingness to understand and meet the specific needs of my practice.

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