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Chaffee Roofing, a 115-year-old commercial roofing company based in Providence, RI, has been serving private businesses in the New England area with top-notch roofing services.

Over the decades, Chaffee Roofing has experienced continuous growth. Still, in the evolving digital landscape, they recognized the need to move their roofer marketing efforts into the digital realm to compete more effectively and expand their market share.

In this case study, we’ll delve into the challenges Chaffee Roofing faced, why they chose us, the process we followed at Estes Media, and the remarkable results we achieved together.

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the challenges

President Peter Chaffee faced a crucial decision in 2022: hiring a full-time in-house marketer or partnering with a full-service digital marketing agency. To make this decision, Peter interviewed multiple agencies and full-time marketers, seeking a solution to help grow Chaffee Roofing in the aftermath of the pandemic. However, he noticed that most agencies offered vague promises and focused on metrics that failed to understand their business-specific needs. The challenges they faced included:

Limited Digital Presence: Chaffee Roofing lacked a strong online presence, including an underperforming website and minimal engagement on social media platforms.
Ineffective Content: Previous agencies delivered blog posts and content needing more commercial roofing industry expertise. The content often required extensive rewrites, wasting valuable time for Chaffee Roofing’s team.

Marketing Expertise: Many competing agencies needed a deeper understanding of commercial roofing, resulting in marketing materials that failed to resonate with Chaffee Roofing’s target audience.

Vague Promises: Most agencies made vague promises and focused on metrics that didn’t provide a comprehensive view of the marketing efforts’ effectiveness. Peter Chaffee sought transparency in his partnership, which was often lacking in other agencies’ proposals.

Why Estes Media Was Chosen?

Estes Media emerged as the standout choice for Chaffee Roofing due to several key factors:

Expertise in Commercial Roofing: Estes Media demonstrated a profound understanding of the commercial roofing industry, setting them apart from other agencies.

Full-Transparency: Estes Media promised transparency in its approach, fostering trust between Peter Chaffee and the agency.

Full-Service Approach: Estes Media offers a comprehensive suite of services, including content creation, advertising, social media management, email campaigns, and website development.

Customization: Estes Media customized its strategies and efforts to align with Chaffee Roofing’s unique needs and goals, bridging the gap between hiring a full-time employee and an agency.

Estes Media Case Study Chaffee Roofing Web

processes and highlights

Estes Media began its partnership with Chaffee Roofing by interviewing the company’s subject matter experts. This collaborative approach ensured that our content and strategies were tailored to the roofing industry.

The weekly meetings between Chaffee Roofing and Estes Media allowed for discussions about content, next steps, strategy updates, and a chance for Peter Chaffee to review and provide input before content was published and strategies implemented.

Estes Media brought proactive ideas to the table, involving the roofing company in the content creation process and providing clear direction.

Estes Media’s efforts encompassed:
● Monthly content creation, including blogs, pages, and case studies.
● Search and Social Advertising Campaigns.
● Development and implementation of weekly social media posts.
● Creation and distribution of bi-monthly marketing emails.

Our partnership with Chaffee Roofing went beyond traditional digital marketing services. At Estes Media, we also offered guidance and suggestions related to branding, promotional items, and case studies. We actively worked to develop a roofing marketing mindset within the Chaffee Roofing team.

Year one estes media results:

Over $1Million in additional Revenue

Since partnering with Estes Media, Chaffee Roofing has experienced significant improvements and results for their business:

High-Quality Content: The content produced by Estes Media showcased their deep understanding of commercial roofing, addressing a long-standing issue for Chaffee Roofing. This improved content quality, saved time, and enhanced the company’s credibility.

Customization and Expertise: Chaffee Roofing appreciated Estes Media’s customized approach and industry expertise. It made them feel like they had a team of specialists supporting their business development efforts.

Marketing Mindset: The collaboration with Estes Media inspired Chaffee Roofing’s team to think more strategically about marketing. They began actively considering roofing digital marketing opportunities, such as case studies and customer references, which they hadn’t previously explored.

Measurable Results: Estes Media provided clear metrics and insights into the performance of Chaffee Roofing’s digital marketing efforts. This transparency allowed for better-informed decision-making.

Increased Leads: Chaffee Roofing’s sales team observed a surge in leads and opportunities. The company’s phone began ringing more frequently, and the quality of leads improved, resulting in stronger sales prospects.

Continuous Growth: Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic and supply issues, Chaffee Roofing achieved unexpected growth. They exceeded their initial expectations, indicating the effectiveness of their partnership with Estes Media.

Data & Conversion Tracking: We connected their CRM to Hubspot marketing automation and made sure that the data sets from all ads and organic leads were directly attributed to each deal therby giving full inishgts to all marketing qualified leads and ROI generated from closed business. 

Estes Media Case Study Chaffee Roofing Web

case study testimonial

Estes Media Case Study Chaffee Roofing Peter Chaffee

"Estes Media's unique approach to content creation offers strategic insights and meticulous content review and sets them apart by truly understanding our industry, commercial roofing. In a world filled with generic content, their expertise shines through, ensuring the delivery of high-quality, authentic content that resonates with our audience. They are far from the cookie-cutter approach – they are the real deal."

Peter Chaffee, President
Chaffee Roofing

the results

This case study demonstrates the importance of selecting a marketing partner with industry-specific knowledge and a commitment to transparency to successfully drive digital transformation and business growth. The partnership with Estes Media transformed Chaffee Roofing’s digital marketing efforts and contributed significantly to its growth and success in a highly competitive industry. Our expertise as a construction marketing agency, roofing marketers, SEO expertise, full transparency, and comprehensive approach proved to be essential in achieving these results.


through organic channels



through organic channels



from inbound leads and ads


"At Estes Media, our commitment to delivering results with complete transparency sets us apart. We didn't just make promises; we delivered. We provided Chaffee Roofing with clear, actionable metrics and insightful data on the performance of their digital marketing efforts. This empowered Peter Chaffee and his team to make informed, strategic decisions that have had a significant impact on their marketing strategy."

Andrew Stamm, Partner & Head of Creative at Estes Media

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Ryan Stone
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Great marketing team! Loved working with them!
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Great team!
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Sandra Arianna
Where do I begin! I cannot say enough good things about Josh, Andrew and the entire Estes Media team. They have completely revamped our online presence and have taught us along the way. Their knowledge in the industry is unmatched. We have gained so much more than a marketing agency in them - we have a long standing partnership and can't wait to see all that we will do together in the future.
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Austin Kourakin
Joshua and the team are great!
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Was initially nervous given we're in different time zones/regions but turned out to be a non-issue. Communication has been flexible and reliable - same for their willingness to understand and meet the specific needs of my practice.

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