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At Estes Media, our mission is to be more than just another marketing agency for our clients; we aim to be their trusted partner in achieving their marketing goals. Our collaboration with Malone Roofing is a testament to our commitment to understanding our client’s unique needs and helping them tell their story effectively in the digital landscape. In this case study, we’ll delve into the challenges Malone Roofing faced, the process we followed, and the remarkable results we achieved together.

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"Understanding the power of marketing is essential, especially in industries like roofing. Malone Roofing's commitment to building their brand and working with us to tell their story has been remarkable."

Josh Estes, Partner & Founder at Estes Media

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the challenges

Malone Roofing, a prominent roofing contractor, approached us with specific challenges they were experiencing in their digital marketing efforts:

Lack of Industry-Specific Expertise: Malone Roofing was searching for a marketing partner with experience in both commercial and residential roofing. They found that many agencies understood residential roofing but lacked expertise in the commercial sector.

Understanding the Brand: A significant hurdle for Malone Roofing was finding a marketing company that truly understood “Who is Malone?” and what made them unique in the roofing industry.

Previous Vendor Experience: Malone Roofing had previously worked with an in-house marketing manager and several marketing companies. However, these vendors fell short of fully comprehending the complexities of the roofing business and did not invest the time and energy to help Malone scale.

Outsourcing Comprehensive Marketing Needs: Malone Roofing explored whether to hire an in-house marketer or outsource their marketing requirements. They sought a partner who could excel in SEO expertise, website design/development, social media, PPC, media, and unique marketing campaigns.

Why Estes Media Was Chosen? After meeting the Estes team and hearing how much they were genuinely invested in helping Malone succeed paired with their industry expertise, Malone selected Estes Media as their partner.

processes and highlights

Our collaboration with Malone Roofing as their trusted marketing partner resulted in massive growth for the company.

Starts with Understanding: We took the time to understand Malone Roofing’s identity, from its commercial and residential expertise to the underpinnings of its business operations in order to create a tailored marketing outline. This deep understanding allowed us to communicate their brand to their market effectively and execute a plan that would drive exponential growth.

Building on The Fundamentals:
From competitive research, implementing brand guidelines, standing up a marketing automation platform, and improving full-funnel analytics, Estes Media laid the foundation to run adaptable marketing strategies on.

Adaptable Marketing Strategies: Estes Media invested time and effort in getting to know Malone Roofing’s people and their unique strengths. This deep understanding allowed us to craft marketing strategies that truly represented the essence of Malone, setting them apart from competitors. From developing a clean high converting website, improving content for SEO, setting intelligent ad targeting, and developing engaging creatives to drive conversions, Estes Media helped Malone’s inbound qualified leads grow by over 10x while reducing the amount of spam.

Involving Key Players: Our collaborative approach involves weekly meetings with Malone Roofing to discuss marketing strategies and needs. This process is not limited to marketing personnel but extends to key players within the organization. This helps us all collaborate more effectively and truly function as the in-house team, fostering a deeper understanding of marketing’s impact on the business.

Elevating the Brad Across Ads:
Estes Media played a pivotal role in increasing Malone Roofing’s brand awareness across various advertising channels (Social, Search & Connected TV). This not only attracted leads but when paired with high quality email campaigns and automations drove conversions.

Quality Leads: We refined Malone Roofing’s marketing approach to filter out low-quality leads. As a result, they started receiving quality leads with a significantly higher closing ratio. This shift positively impacted Malone Roofing’s sales efforts, with 90% customer retention.

Sales Growth: Malone Roofing’s sales ability improved, even in a changing economic landscape. Our marketing efforts contributed to an increase in private negotiated work, accounting for 80% of their projects.

Long-term Partnership: Malone Roofing appreciated our commitment to building deep relationships and working collaboratively. Our partnership extended beyond mere service provision, with Malone Roofing considering us as more than just a vendor.

Estes Media Malone Roofing Website

case study testimonial

Estes Media Case Study Chaffee Roofing Peter Chaffee

"You guys have treated us more than just a customer. I've been really impressed with the way you guys took the time to understand who we are. In the past, marketing companies just wanted to put out ads, but you wanted to see our pictures, get to know our people, and that builds a lot for selling our brand. If you're going to sell our brand, you've got to know who we are."

Roman Malone, President at E. Cornell Malone Corp.


The partnership between Estes Media and Malone Roofing exemplifies the value of a strong client and roofing marketing agency relationship. Estes Media’s dedication to understanding Malone Roofing’s brand, addressing their specific challenges, and continually adapting their roofing marketing strategies has led to improved sales, a better understanding of marketing within the organization, and enhanced brand recognition through SEO content creation services, social media management, creative roofing ads, and more. This case study demonstrates how a comprehensive, collaborative approach to digital roofer marketing can yield significant results in the roofing industry.

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Ryan Stone
Ryan Stone
I was very impressed with the team at Estes Media from our very first consultation. I could tell they actually cared about my business’s success before we actually signed up by showing us how we could easily grow our user base organically.
Daniel Lewkowicz
Daniel Lewkowicz
Great marketing team! Loved working with them!
Jennifer Escamilla
Jennifer Escamilla
Great team!
garry berardi
garry berardi
Great Group, very responsive and knowledgeable
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Asa Pitt
I brought Josh in to do some consulting and his guidance definitely sent my business in the right direction. If you’re serious about your online marketing and presence, you need to be serious about Estes Media.
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Fiona Pollock
Outstanding service. Would recommend Estes Media to everyone.
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Tim Goodson
Great Work, looking forward to future projects.
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Sandra Arianna
Where do I begin! I cannot say enough good things about Josh, Andrew and the entire Estes Media team. They have completely revamped our online presence and have taught us along the way. Their knowledge in the industry is unmatched. We have gained so much more than a marketing agency in them - we have a long standing partnership and can't wait to see all that we will do together in the future.
Austin Kourakin
Austin Kourakin
Joshua and the team are great!
Scott Moran
Scott Moran
Was initially nervous given we're in different time zones/regions but turned out to be a non-issue. Communication has been flexible and reliable - same for their willingness to understand and meet the specific needs of my practice.

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