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Top 5 Ways Marketing Agencies Leverage AI


AI is Revolutionizing Agencies Ability to Efficiently Deliver Personalized And Effective Marketing Strategies to Customers in Any Industry

AI, or in case you haven’t heard by now – artificial intelligence, is here to stay. After becoming available to the general public a little over a year ago, AI is now being integrated into virtually every aspect of the business world as leaders hope to get ahead of their competitors.

What was once an advantage that mainly rested in the hands of the most tech-savvy individuals, AI has become an invaluable tool that will be necessary to harness by businesses that are hoping to compete in the marketplace.

From AI-generated content on websites to strategic AI email marketing campaigns, marketing agencies are now required to master the tools of artificial intelligence in their efforts on behalf of their clients.

This article will show you how digital marketing agencies are going to use AI to deliver results for their clients in 2024 and beyond.


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Marketing Content Gets Better With AI

AI Helps Marketers Research Faster

The best marketers do their research before taking a shot at developing content for their clients. With the help of tools like Chat GPT, AI can sift through overwhelming amounts of data found online in just minutes, identifying trends, pertinent information, and insights that would take human researchers days to uncover.

By leveraging natural language processing, AI can interpret consumer sentiment across multiple platforms in real-time, allowing marketers to quickly adapt their strategies. This allows a marketing team to craft content that is right on the money, and to make informed decisions on content strategy.


Advertising Copy is More Effective with AI

Bespoke ads get to the core of a target customer’s problems. AI helps marketers craft the perfect ad copy that synthesizes SEO targets and brand messaging.

AI algorithms can analyze successful advertising content found online and provide suggestions for powerful copy that resonates with specific target audiences, increasing conversion rates.

These workhorse platforms can test thousands of copy variations at once, learning which phrases and calls-to-action yield the best results while continuously improving the effectiveness of ad copy. 

To be clear, most AI generated content will not suffice on its own. A skilled writer needs to alter the copy for accuracy and brand voice, while also eliminating factual errors that can occur. 

Focused AI-Driven Email Campaign Strategies

Crafting the perfect email that converts is the goal of every email marketer. With AI, we can customize the tone, verbiage, and messaging to each specific audience segment so each email campaign hits home and inspires action. 

AI can segment email lists with precision, ensuring that campaigns are tailored to the interests, past behaviors, and purchase history of different audience groups, which in turn boosts open and click-through rates.

Machine learning algorithms predict the optimal send times for email campaigns, maximizing visibility and engagement by reaching recipients when they are most likely to engage with the content. 

By analyzing the performance data from previous campaigns, AI can refine email content and subject lines, continually improving the relevance and impact of marketing emails.

AI Enables Superior Re-Targeting on Social Media and Advertising

With the ability to track user engagement across platforms and devices, AI helps marketers seamlessly re-target relevant ads to users based on their online activity and interests.

The language models are constantly refining their targeting algorithms, reducing ad fatigue and increasing the likelihood of conversion by presenting ads that are timely and pertinent to the user’s current needs. This helps reduce ad spend wasted on little more than educated guesses.

Additionally, AI-enabled platforms can predict customer churn and target these users with personalized re-engagement ads, effectively bringing back at-risk customers and improving retention rates.

AI-Generated Images and Videos Significantly Reduce Production Costs

Paying photographers, videographers, and stock image sites for basic assets is expensive. While nothing can replace the real thing (yet), AI can create some excellent results at a fraction of the cost.

AI tools can create high-quality images and videos in a fraction of the time and cost required for traditional photo and video shoots, enabling more frequent content refreshes and A/B testing. 

AI’s ability to generate realistic visuals and animations means businesses can visualize products and concepts still in the development phase, creating marketing materials ahead of launch and building anticipation in the market. Beyond a tool for generating free imagery and videos, it’s a tool to help visualize exciting business ideas without sinking the time and budget to create mock-ups and models.

Is Your Business Harnessing The Power of Artificial Intelligence? 

Don’t let your marketing efforts fall behind the pack. Effectively using AI to grow and scale your business is going to be essential in 2024, so don’t delay in getting yourself acclimated.

For those already too busy running their businesses, utilize a team of AI experts like Estes Media to drive your company’s digital marketing strategies. Get more out of a digital marketing agency and let the results speak for themselves!


Estes Media Blog 5 Ways Marketing Agencies Will Leverage AI in 2024


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