7 Hidden Marketing Insights Other Agencies are Probably Missing

Understanding the customer value journey, identifying your audience, and addressing their needs are the foundations of any legitimate digital marketing campaign.

But wide-ranging tasks such as those take time, patience, analysis, and a suite of helpful online digital marketing tools.

Answering customers’ questions is a foundational marketing mantra at Estes Media. To thoughtfully do so, we solicit the help of a suite of tools that allow us to gain more granular insights into our clients’ competitive landscape, no matter what industries they’re in.

Below, we’ll take you through some tools within our digital marketing arsenal and layout the functionalities of various platforms as well as the unique insights they provide into the customer value journey.

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1) Google Trends

Most agencies use Google Trends to a point, but they fail to recognize the full scope of what it can do. While the most novice of SEO experts can sit tinkering with Google Trends and use it to find keywords and search terms, Estes Media digs deeper by pairing its insights with other platforms like ATP, SEMRush, and more.

By analyzing past data on Google Trends, apt users of this tool can not only identify trends but also PREDICT them and understand how to best apply ad spend based on these trends. Furthermore, we look at seasonal trends within your region, competitor habits, and your own historical traffic and customer acquisitions.

2) Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is another invaluable and essential tool that Google provides for free; there’s so much in it to utilize that directly impacts your SEO and PPC efforts. Estes Media uses this tool for keyword refinement, as well as keyword expansion when dealing with PPC campaigns. Both will increase Pay Per Click impressions and lower click costs. But more importantly, if performed strategically (whether for SEO or PPC), this tool can give you loads of insights into how your target audience is thinking, acting, and buying.

The experts at Estes Media have become adept at taking the reins of tools like Google Keyword Planner and getting the most out of its helpful data. This results in content for your platforms that is more meaningful to the precise audience you want to attract at the ideal stage of the customer value journey.

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3) Facebook

Users on Facebook are constantly drowning in irrelevant, uninteresting, and superficial information. Most marketing agencies haven’t quite grasped the art of providing meaningful content that grabs the attention of the right audience—the audience that BUYS!

Using a broader scope of marketing psychology, Estes Media takes a longer look at what your target audience actually wants to see, and how that relates to your product/service.

This means better brand awareness, higher customer engagement, and, of course, more repeat business. Your presence on Facebook can be revamped in ways you never imagined, especially if you leave it in the hands of our experts.

4) Linkedin

Not only does your LinkedIn content need to be absolutely gripping, but you can also use LinkedIn to grow your client base by appealing to the right audience. Estes Media creates LinkedIn content that’s relevant, actionable, and expandable.

Developing and engaging with LinkedIn users is something most marketing agencies just don’t know how to do. But at Estes Media, we believe that unless you are engaging with your audience, your client base simply won’t grow.

Creative solutions on how to get the most out of LinkedIn engagement is a science our experts have refined, and the results have been another facet of client base expansion that’s amazed our clients.

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5) SEMRush

One of the most popular SEO tools available to online businesses today, SEMRush was originally designed solely to help brands improve their organic search rankings. The basics of this app include all of the capabilities you’d expect from a great SEO tool, such as identifying backlinking opportunities, keyword analysis (yours and your competitors’) as well as webpage audits.

It’s gradually evolved to fulfill the needs of the modern digital marketer in ways most professionals haven’t tapped into. Sadly, most digital marketers don’t use it to its full potential. But Estes Media has harnessed the value of this tool and managed to enjoy the following functionalities:

– Provide valuable data on competitors
– Offer website audits highlighting key technical issues
– Track social media success & failures
– Simplify tests and data reports
– Track search results in real-time

6) Answer The Public

ATP is more than just a platform for question-asking. Estes Media has managed to use ATP as a way to grow awareness and acquire clients through brand awareness means that are often missed by others.

We see it as the perfect tool for B2B traffic creation, and our methods have proven highly effective in this arena. Delving deeper and analyzing the data provided by ATP, Estes Media can successfully gain insights into how your target audience is reacting to your brand and what action you can take to enhance those reactions.

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7) Just Plain Google

Google Search itself is underutilized by business owners as well as by the digital marketing agencies they trust with their exposure. But Google is a powerful tool for understanding the search criteria they look for.

While some believe that Google is cryptic in their release of information, we believe the answers are right in front of us—EVERYWHERE. By using Google to collect data, Estes Media have perfected various methods of transforming websites into Google-friendly platforms that appeal to your target audience.

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