Top 5 Content Creation and SEO Tactics for 2023

Estes Media is a leader in the copywriting and content creation field. Our agency is focused on developing, creating, and implementing truly engaging content.

Everything from blog posts to web pages, our appealing and personable approach to content is proven to noticeably increase traffic and leads.

Our team of researchers and copywriting experts take pride in working closely with you to create the best, most compelling, brand-aligned content that will attract your ideal customers while keeping them engaged.

Let’s take a closer look at what is truly important when it comes to creating content for your blog or web page; here are the Top 5 Content Creation Considerations to keep in mind.

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Tip #1: SEO is Everything

Driving traffic is done by sharpening up your SEO skills. While it’s not the best part of the job, we guarantee that there is nothing quite more compelling to your audience than them finding the much-needed answers to their questions.

SEO stands for “search engine optimization,” which is the core of improving your website or blog’s content to rank higher on search engines. In other words, figuring out how to rank higher on Google, for example, plays a big part in creating engaging content. Your goal is to pin down the keywords and key phrases that people are typing in on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Keywords and key phrases are some of the most powerful weapons in your arsenal when it comes to strengthening search result rankings. Keywords are topics and ideas that define your specific content, and from an SEO standpoint, they are the exact terms being searched up by search engine users.

Using the right ones can be a make-it-or-break-it factor regarding what kind of traffic you are attracting to your site. We specialize in this area, and you can breathe easy knowing that our SEO copywriting services can transform your website’s traffic from unranked to top-rated.

Tip #2: Think Strategically about B2B Marketing

A B2B marketing strategy lays out how an organization will be proactive in attracting customers, closing sales, and continuing down the right path towards financial success. Having a solid marketing strategy is critical.

If you focus on making sure your B2B content marketing is audience-centric, it can and will boost your content marketing efforts. Resulting in driving customer engagement and optimizing your revenue. If your B2B marketing strategies are properly executed, you have the opportunity to build a strong and loyal customer following.

B2B marketing strategy

Another focus of B2B is keeping your customers engaged and updated with consistent quality content; this improves long-term customer retention. In other words, providing customers with new and original content is important. Coming up with new content consistently can be challenging; sometimes, it is easy to feel like you are hitting walls when it comes to being creative and coming up with new topics that are relevant to your audience and customers.

Being proactive and doing plenty of research helps you identify new topics that are important regarding your industry. The best B2B content creators can relate a broad range of relevant topics to their overarching content strategy.

We take pride in putting thought into a strategy that will work best for you and your vision. Our experts will work closely and carefully with your team to create a specific, detailed project calendar and content outline which covers everything from topics, draft schedules, to the publish date and everything in between.

Tip #3: Copywriting is Key

Website copy is the goldmine of your website. This alone is what attracts, engages, educates, and converts your visitors. Your website or blog is the face of your business; it should answer your target customer’s questions and should be able to convince them to work with you effectively.

It is suggested that the most successful companies answer more of their customer’s questions before that individual ever has to reach out. The average number of content pieces that customers read before contacting a company is about 15 or more.

It’s important to realize that content that is compelling and engaging but can also successfully target customers at their moment of intent, all while ranking high in top search results, is imperative for your brand and business.

We know that sounds like it might be complicated to achieve, but Estes Media’s professional copywriting services can help your team scale these efforts and implement them, so you find more success. All of our copywriting services include SEO management so that you are guaranteed to attract the right audience.

Tip #4: Case Studies Build Credibility

Why is case study development something to consider regarding content creation? Well, it proves that your goods or services are working, it gives your business greater credibility, and it can add some value and substance to your audience’s browsing experiences.

Case studies allow you to present facts and figures that nobody can argue against. It also puts everything out in the open, and this gives customers confidence in your business and, without a doubt, will increase your credibility. Case studies also provide the opportunity for you to teach valuable lessons about product development and your companies journey.

At Estes Media, we know that one of the most powerful trust elements any company can share with their customers and advertise proudly on their website is a case study. Case studies show customers that your claims are truthful and accurate.

Case Studies

We will conduct efficient and insightful interviews with your clients and provide you with key metrics that you will be able to use to analyze your client relationships and their assessment of your work.

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Tip #5: Website Rewrites Can Revive Old Content

Giving a copy a facelift can prove to be very beneficial. Instead of allowing an old piece of content to simply take up space on your website or blog without giving you anything in return, our copywriting professionals can help revise, refresh and optimize existing copies while keeping brand tone and voice in mind to make them more valuable and useful to your company.

Content creation is undoubtedly one of the most vital parts of creating a successful, trustworthy, and impactful company and brand. At Estes Media, we are experts in developing a content creation strategy that aligns closely with your specific goals and voice.

With the help of our professional team of content gurus, Estes Media will work closely with you throughout the entire content creation process, and your needs and requirements will be our top priority. We’ll help you plan and execute strong content, improve your SEO, extend your reach and engagement, develop case studies, and more.

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