5 Tips for Getting the Most out of Digital Marketing for Construction Companies

Developing a strong digital marketing strategy can make all the difference when it comes to reaching new customers and boosting sales for commercial construction.

These five tips can help you evaluate your current digital marketing practices, incorporate email into your strategies, understand the importance of social media, and discover why answering customers’ questions with content is key to getting noticed online!


A/B testing or split testing

1. How to check your SEO (and get it right)

It’s important to evaluate SEO best practices to gauge how you can become a top contender in search results. SEO and content are core pillars in your digital marketing efforts.

Begin by checking your meta descriptions, alt tags, header tags, H1 tags, schema markup, page load times, link building, and more. Questions to ask, am I missing any of these? Are the scores low or slow, do they clearly talk about my business value, services and service area?

All of these elements require thoughtful keyword research to be optimized.  Construction companies are winning more and more business online from customers that have never heard of them before. If you want customers to find you via search engine results pages (SERPs), like local map listings, or from the answers your site provides to their questions, then you need to rank as highly as possible for the most relevant keywords. 

Start by focusing on these key components of SEO best practices in your marketing strategy.

Tools to get you there: (they are free too)

2. Use Social Media Properly

Social media is a perfect way to build trust and show community engagement. For construction companies, it’s a great way to connect with clients and show proof of great work while building trust. Letting customers know you care about their input and using these platforms to engage them can make an enormous difference in establishing trust. Don’t use social media as a one-way street, but rather as a place where both parties communicate openly and freely.

    It is also a good idea to make sure that your content is engaging and interesting. Don’t just post that your brand is here, and this is what you do over and over again.  Instead, share interesting facts, tips, and updates about the industry, and highlight your projects and customers. Tell real stories.   Building a strong social presence also allows you to improve your advertising and business development strategies, especially for companies deploying account-based marketing tactics.

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      3. Answer Questions With Content

      As you may know, we believe strongly in using content to answer your customer questions.


      First of you will be able to rank higher on google and drive more conversions by creating content that answers your customers questions. And we have found that from roofing to, developing, HVAC and everything in between. Commercial construction companies that answer more of their customers questions with contnet online win more business. 

      Furthermore you can avoid bidding to the bottom on deals by building value and answering your customer’s questions on your website! 

      It’s important to answer these questions at every stage of the customer value journey – once your company is found online, it should be able to provide potential customers with all their needs throughout the sales funnel and beyond with the relevant content that will build trust and value. If one  customer has discovered your company, found answers to their questions, and purchased from you, there will inevitably be other people who experience a similar problem or need. This makes these efforts very scalable.

      Share information that helps them make better decisions to improve their business, not just information about your product or services. 

      4. Know how to Optimize Email

      To optimize email, first segment your audience by sales stage. If a prospect is in one stage, don’t send them an email about information that is irrelevant to where they are in the buying process. 

      An existing customer doesn’t need to be convinced to work with you for the first time, just as a customer who you haven’t worked with for 9 months is going to need more warming up before they engage.  

      Educate customers about things that are important to you and your business and share how you give back and are involved in the community. Remember, people want to work with people, not businesses, so be human and appeal to their actual needs. Finally, make sure you are testing email titles and the time of day for sending these messages to optimize open rates.

      Prioritize User Friendly Browsing scaled

      Step #3: Formulate and Test Your Hypothesis

      Start with one that you want to change. For example, you might want to test whether or changing your “Buy Now” button from Orange to Green will increase click throughs?

      After you’ve formulated a hypothesis, it’s time to test it. Develop a new version of the said test item implementing your idea. For example, the abovementioned ‘Shop Now’ version can be tested by running an A/B test between the existing version and a new one.

      In the new version, for example, you can create a version of the ad or email that places the ‘Shop Now’ button on a more visible part of the page. You don’t need to change the font or color just yet, only the positioning. You can then run this test for a day to see if anything changes.

      5. Ask for Reviews & Feedback

      When it  comes to best marketing practices for construction referrals  still carry a ton of weight, so make sure you have many positive reviews. Its simple: ask your current customers how your messaging resonates by emailing them a survey or asking them to fill in an online form. This lets you get feedback from them directly, meaning your message will be more relevant and personalized. 

      Involving your existing customers in your digital marketing efforts is also an excellent way to gain a competitive advantage, as it shows you’re paying attention to their needs and are willing to go above and beyond for them. Ask Questions and Answer Them on Social Media: Engage with your audience on social media—but remember that you aren’t just there to promote yourself.

      On Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and all other platforms, find out what questions people have about your business and provide answers!


      All of the above tips will help your construction marketing materials level up and win new customers. Apply them all and you’ll see your business soar! 

      Think of SEO as one way to make sure your online marketing reaches its highest potential, while also being a great way to tell Google that your website is worthy of top placement in search results. 

      Try some of these tactics today, using the combination that works best for you!

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